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    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 1,400 - 1,750 word essay that addresses creating and managing an effective team. Be sure to include proper citations and APA style references for all sources. Conduct research to find and include content that support your conclusions. (For example, you may state that your team was effective. Research what makes a team effective.)

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    In order to build, create and manage an effective team, let us first identify the obstacles or hurdles in building such teams.
    One of the major hurdles is weak sense of direction. Nothing undermines enthusiasm for teams as quickly as the frustration of being an involuntary member of a team with no focus. This can happen when members aren't sure of their purpose, goals, and approach or the leadership itself is weak.

    Infighting or personal conflicts is another major hurdle for effective team building. From time to time, it's inevitable that personal issues will get in the way of teamwork. This must be addressed and dealt with immediately. While team Effective teams don't have to be made up of people who like each other but there must be respect for each other. Team members must be willing to set aside petty differences.

    Another major hurdle occurs when team members avoid taking responsibility for both process or running of a group and for specific assignments a team becomes a "pseudo team"; team in name but consistently underperforming. Sometimes, only a few carry team's workload. The problem with this scenario is that no one or two people can carry the entire team's workload for long. Sooner or later, the shining stars will get a clue about what's going on and will stop killing themselves to get the work done -- the entire team will go down as a result.

    Lack of trust among team members also affect the performance of the team. Further, skill gaps also causes many problems. When skills are lacking, teams flounder, members have trouble communicating with each other, destructive conflicts result, decisions aren't made, and technical problems overcome the group.

    Another major hurdle ...

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