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Conditions that Determine Whether Teams are Effective

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Please describe in detail the different conditions or context factors determine whether teams are effective. Explain your points and give examples.

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One condition that determines whether teams are effective is the level of compatibility within a given team. This is a very important factor in determining whether teams are effective, due to the fact that compatibility in respect to educational levels, experience, work ethic, and desire to succeed etc., will have an instrumental impact on the probability of a team being successful or not. An example of this would be a team in which all of its members have a Masters degree or above, and the same level experience in their given profession, which leads to a great deal of team cohesion and the team being successful at completing its objectives in a timely ...

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This approximately 450-word solution discusses three different conditions and context factors that play a role in how effective a team is, using specific examples to illustrate the points discussed.