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    How to convince employees of a new approach

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    Consider that you have been asked to help your manager turn around a company. A critical element of this turnaround is that the firm and its employees must accept a new approach to competition - an approach that moves away from leadership through cost control to differentiation through rapid customization of products. The company developed a strong organizational culture around cost leadership. What would you suggest (i.e. practical and implementable ways) that the firm do to change the culture - to convince the people to abandon the old ways of doing things and embrace the new approach?

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    In in the most basic terms, organizational culture is about routines, habits, mindsets, and values. While it is challenging to change those characteristics, it is possible if the appropriate approach is taken. In order to change the cost leadership culture is a customization oriented culture, I would recommend the following:

    1. Communication. This point cannot be ...

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