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Climate Change: Approaches

Watch the YouTube video, "John Kotter, Our Iceberg is melting." (retrieved from here: and analyize Kotter's approach to understand change. What are the implications for change consulting? Also, include how Fred the penguin faced resistance as an internal consultant.

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Kotter's approach to understanding change is that it is necessary to create a sense of urgency. There is a need to identify potential threats and use them to develop scenarios. Kotter's approach to change is that at least three-fourth of the persons affected should be persuaded that change is required. To convince people, Kotter feels that there should be a strong coalition. This means there should be a strong leadership for change and there should be visible support for change. Kotter's approach is that a vision for change should be created. A vision that employees can understand and remember should be created. The next step is that the vision should be communicated to all persons. According to Kotter this vision should be repeatedly and strongly communicated. Kotter suggests removing two types of obstacles to change. He suggests that persons resisting change and structures resisting change should be removed. Kotter's approach suggests that short ...

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