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Strategic change within an organization

Strategic change is not a linear process within an organization. What influence does the management style of leaders as well as the culture of an organization play in the way organizational improvement initiatives are implemented?

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Typically, the concept of organizational change is in regard to organization-wide change, as opposed to smaller changes such as adding a new person, modifying a program, etc. Examples of organization-wide change might include a change in mission, restructuring operations (e.g., restructuring to self-managed teams, layoffs, etc.), new technologies, mergers, major collaborations, "rightsizing", new programs such as Total Quality Management, re-engineering, etc. Some experts refer to organizational transformation. Often this term designates a fundamental and radical reorientation in the way the organization operates.

Resistance to Change

There may be certain factors of resistance to the change in the organizational structure:

- Beaurocracy in the organizational structure may resist to change
- Excess centralization may lead to the Top management myopic in its approach. The organization may be too concerned with the internal matters and may nor serve its customers properly


Meaning of Organizational culture

Organizational culture can loosely be defined as the shared assumptions, beliefs, and "normal behaviors" (norms) of a group. These are powerful influences on the way people live and act, and they define what is "normal" and how to sanction those who are not "normal." To a large degree, what we do is determined by our culture. Culture is very powerful. (One example is the cultural change effort at British Airways, which transformed an unprofitable airline with a poor reputation into a paragon of politeness and ...

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This explains the nature of strategic change within an organization, including reasons for resistance to change, the meaning of organizational culture, culture bias, participation, and other factors. References are included in this 900 word response.