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    Teamwork: How to improve it

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    What are some of the obstacles and opportunities that exist for teams in the modern innovative world?
    Do teams require formal leadership in order to be effective?
    What kind of experiences of you had working on teams?
    Have your experiences been positive? Why or why not?
    How could they have been improved?
    What plan would you have implemented to improve the team activity and manage any change the team had to encounter?

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    Some of the obstacles that exist for teams in the modern innovative world are some members are individualistic and not suitable for teamwork. Other obstacles are lower motivation for individuals, conflict between team members, discussions are time wasting, and groupthink stifles creativity.
    Some opportunities that exist for teams in the modern innovative world are that team members can learn from each other. Other opportunities are synergistic combination of ideas, new approaches to tasks, cross training, exchange of information, inter-dependent work flow, and team commitment.

    Teams do not require formal leadership to be effective. Informal leadership can be far effective in certain teams. The requirements, objectives, budget, and deadlines need to be given to teams. The team will have its own natural informal leader if required. Formal ...

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