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    Theoretical Frameworks

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    I am preparing for my dissertation about "Employee Retention; why do employees leave their companies and how can management retain employees". My assignment needs me to describe at least three theoretical frameworks that I can choose for my research problem. Then I need to highlight how the choice of these frameworks affect the manner in which the research will be conducted.

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    Zikmund (2003) defines theory as a coherent set of general propositions used to explain the apparent relationships among certain observed phenomena. In the case at hand, the phenomenon is a problem of management of employee retention - employees tend to leave the company because of certain probable reasons. This is the focus of the research at hand - to identify the factors that may have motivated employees to remain in the company and on the other hand, the factors that de - motivated them and resulted in their decisions to leave the company.

    Theories have important role in research. It can help the researcher in identifying the variables that could explain the phenomenon that will be studied. If a researcher is not clear about the dimensions that will be covered by the study, a theory would help to clarify. Utilized in a study, a theory will serve as a foundation or framework. As noted by an online source, "A theoretical framework guides your research, in determining what things you will measure, and what statistical relationships you will look for" (http://www.analytictech.com/mb313/elements.htm).

    Another online source (journclasses.pbworks.com/) confirmed that "theories are constructed in order to explain, predict and master phenomena (e.g. relationships, events, or the behavior)"

    Suggested theoretical frameworks on the study on employee retention:
    1. Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory
    This is a motivation theory of Abraham Maslow, a known psychologist who proposed that within every person is a hierarchy of five needs: physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. ...

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