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    Scientific Merit Paper

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    Incarceration, Addiction and Harm Reduction: Inmates Experience Injecting Drugs in Prison. By: Small, Will; Kain, S.; Laliberte, Nancy; Schechter, Martin; O'shaughnessy, Michael; Spittal, Patricia. Substance Use & Misuse. 2005, Vol. 40 Issue 6, p831-843. 13p.

    This is the article I chose to do the scientific merit paper on, however I need help with the the following:

    Explaining and evaluating the validity and reliability of your chosen research study.
    Explaining and evaluating the scientific merit of the study.
    Summarizing and evaluating the advancement of knowledge.
    Summarizing and evaluating the contributions to theory.
    Summarizing and evaluating the hallmarks of good research.
    Applying the terminology of research.
    Demonstrating both the depth and the breadth of your understanding of scientific research and scientific merit by including relevant examples and supporting evidence.

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