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    Out-Licensing Proposal

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    Analyzing the Market/Regulation(Tax) in Brazil, write an out-licensing proposal for Citofem Liquid cytology medical device for the Brazilian market.

    Website: www.bioTD.net

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    Out-licensing proposal for Brazil:
    The out-licensing will be done to a generic manufacturer in Brazil.
    bioTD will ensure that competition will be fair in Brazil. There will be several clauses in the licensing agreement that will prevent the licensee from diverting medicine meant for Brazil to developed countries. The licensee will be allowed to compete in Brazil with other generic drug makers but will not be allowed to compete with bioTD in any country (Davide Chiaroni, Vittorio Chiesa, Federico Frattini, 2009).
    The out licensing will be done for Citofem Liquid cytology medical device. This product will be sold under a generic name in Brazil. Non-exclusive licenses will enable bioTD to be given to a number of generic manufacturers who obtain licenses from bioTD (Suzanne Harrison, Patrick H. Sullivan Sr, 2000).
    The company receiving the non exclusive license must get a Good Manufacturing Practice certification, and must prove bioequivalence and batch consistency for ...

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