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Baderman Island

How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives.
An analysis of a process improvement plan that the organization currently uses.
Who has ultimate responsibility for quality assurance?

The extent to which the organization's process improvement plan is related to the organization's strategic plan


Baderman's mission to our customer, employee, shareholder and community is:
Customer - We will exceed both the expectations and experiences of our members and guests by providing them with excellent service. We will offer only the finest in terms of staffing, facilities and cuisine.
Employee - We will inspire employee pride and commitment by offering above-average compensation, job security, advancement opportunities, performance recognition and open communication.
Shareholder - We will consistently increase the value of Baderman Island for our shareholders while fostering pride of ownership.
Community - We will become a more effective partner with business associates, vendors and the community, to enhance stability and long-term growth. We will continue our leadership involvement in the community, and consistently improve the quality of life through excellent, planned development.
A vision statement tells what a success will look like. The pursuit of this image of success is what motivates people to work together (Alliance, n.p.). The vision at Baderman Island is "To be known as the finest resort and resort community in the world, as recognized by our employees, members, guests and the industry." (University of Phoenix, 2005).

The strategic objectives for Baderman Island are planning for additional resort development, improve transportation and access to grounds, enhance the environmental focus of the Island in its development, and building an all season business model with local and regional stakeholders (University of Phoenix, 2005).
Total Quality Management (TQM) is defined as a management method relying on the cooperation of all members of an organization. TQM is a management method that centers on quality and on the long-term success of the organization through the satisfaction of the customers; as well as a benefit to its members and society (Kwalites, n.p.). TQM is a strategic level objective for Baderman Island's future development because it has an effective strategy that aims to enhance value to customers by designing and continually improving organizational processes and restructuring. The Baderman objective is taking on the role of quality management with primary goals that incorporate values, concepts, and determination of framework for evaluation (Burrell, 1999).

The strategic planning development examines the manner in which Baderman sets strategic directions to strengthen and expand the development of the Island. As a premiere vacation location and the current development of an additional 800 acres, it is evident that management has examined performance and improvement in customer satisfaction, financial and market performance, and operational performance. TQM is a strategy that this business would use because financial and marketplace performance include such measures as aggregate return on investment, market share, business growth, and new markets entered (Ledolter, 1999).

Currently the Baderman is a growing tourist and vacation resort, so TQM would be a strategic level objective to be implemented. The major emphasis here is on continuous improvement and empowerment. TQM relies on fact-based decision- making when development ventures such as this one are in process.

Bader Island will also focus on customer service, by recruiting and maintaining the qualified candidates that have the necessary skills, knowledge, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization enhance productivity. TQM also contributes to the organization's revenue and capital by involving employees to acquire skills, knowledge, and behavior that improve their ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new and existing positions. TQM will help to ensure that the organization's business dealings are handled properly in a timely manner and that all guests are accommodated.

Maintaining qualified, experienced, and dedicated staff and faculty who are committed to the organization's philosophy is the direction this organization will follow to attain success. Secondly, the factors of the economic environment should be analyzed. As the economy continues to increase, the financial budget of this immoderate, ravishing hideaway needs to be evaluated on a consecutive basis. Lastly, the advancements of technology have shifted how business is conducted. With the impact of the Internet, consumers can access information such as hotel reservations, forecast predictions, transportation usage, and historical data by logging into the website. While technology is constantly changing, responding to the needs and existence of the business through revisions of training methods and materials can improve the products, process, and people to achieve total quality.

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How quality is linked to your organization's strategic plan and strategic objectives.
1. When the company Baderman claims that its mission is to "exceed both the expectations and experiences of our members and guests by providing them with excellent service. We will offer only the finest in terms of staffing, facilities and cuisine." The company is focusing on quality to achieve its strategic plan and objectives. For example, if it improves the quality of staffing, it can meet its strategic objectives. In addition, if it improves its facilities and cuisine, it can exceed the expectations and experiences of its members.
2. Baderman can be the finest resort only if it improves its quality of services.
3. Baderman can increase shareholder value only if it improves the quality of product and this is related to its strategic objectives.
4. Unless Baderman improves the quality of its product and services, it cannot become a more effective partner with its associates, vendors and community.
5. Employee pride and commitment to Baderman cannot improve unless there is an improvement in the ...

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