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    American Express Business Strategy

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    Select an existing business that aligns their business strategy with employee performance. You may also use your own company. Consider the effect this alignment has had on sustaining good business strategy. Then prepare a 500 word discussion and include the following:

    Evidence of this organization's usage of performance management techniques

    Evidence of this organization's measurement techniques surrounding performance against their strategic plan

    Evidence of financial metrics demonstrating strong business performance

    ---You will then need to prepare a 10-20 slide power point.

    Please help me with the formatting, headers, bullet points, etc. I can design the slides and add animation, etc.

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    1. The American Express Company
    Utilizing Performance Management Techniques
    For Results

    2. 2001:
    - Experiences Drop in Earnings
    - Sets cost savings goal to save $250 million annually in next two years

    3. To reduce must cut some departments by as much as 50%
    - At the same time must retain best employees and reputation

    4. Performance Management Program Developed
    Focusing on:
    - Manager accountability
    - Employee development

    5. Performance Scoreboard Developed
    - Identified core skill requirements
    - Encouraged self-development
    - Provided coaching lessons for managers on effective supervision

    6. What Gets Done Gets Measured
    50% ...

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    This solution is a 500 word discussion on American Express' use of performance management techniques, measurement of performance against strategic plan, and financial metrics. Includes APA references.