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    Information System and Processing

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    Develop the information System Business Plan for a Consulting Company for the pharmaceutical Industry.
    Implement LAN, WAN, Intranet & Extranet for :
    Product presentation
    Order entry
    Product Distribution
    Customer Service
    Product Support
    Data Acquisition
    Reporting Financial Information ( Accounting Data Base)
    Human Resources Data Base

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    // This paper deals with the fundamentals of computer systems and the role of information processing in today's business environment. In this paper, we are going to develop the 'Information System Business Plan' for a Consulting Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry. But before starting, it is essential that we must introduce the topic like, this://

    Information System and Processing


    Computer system processes the data related to an organization and presents it in the form of reports after regular period of time. The system is capable of handling the data from collection to processing. The systems of the computer help in data processing and in meeting the statutory requirements of an organization. Computer systems are used for computing and accounting the various transactions of the business and are considered as an important tool for information processing. The various systems of the computer are used for storing large database or knowledge base. They are used for knowing the current status of the different aspects of the business due to their on-line as well as off-line processing capability.

    The information is a product of an analysis of data. With the advancement in computer technology, information is recognized or considered as a valuable resource like money. Every business organization uses the information as per their needs and requirements for meeting the business objectives. The information system deals with management information as well as with the data processing. It helps in management planning, decision-making and action and supports the needs of the top management as well as the lower management. It also provides support to the changing needs of the organization.

    // After giving a brief introduction of the topic, we now, move to the next part of the paper. Here, we would discuss the 'Fundamentals of the Computer System'//

    Fundamentals of Computer Systems:

    A number of different sub-component systems together constitute a computer system which allows the system to perform complicated tasks and calculation. A computer system can perform different functions like running payrolls, controlling an engine in a car, helping in flying airplane, playing games and in balancing the cheque-books of the users. The size, cost and the power of the computer system depends upon their amount of task they are required to perform. A computer system consists of the following components-

    ? Base Unit: The motherboard of the computer is hold up by the base unit on which the RAM (memory storage area of computer) and CPU (Central Processing Unit) are located. RAM holds both the programs and the data and is measured in Megabytes. In order to keep the permanent copies of programs and data, floppy drive and hard drive that act as storage devices, are used. All the processed data and the programs are run through the CPU.

    ? Keyboard: In a computer system, keyboard helps the user in entering the data and commands.

    ? Monitor: It allows the computer to display the processed data back to the users. The data can either be in text ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 1822 words with references.