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Controls designed to ensure processing integrity

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In 488 words, please introduce, explain or summarize and Conclude the "controls designed to ensure processing integrity, and systems availability".

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The control design to ensure processing integrity. The response addresses the query posted in 644 words with APA references.

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The response addresses the query posted in 644 words with APA references

//The following paper is based on processing integrity and availability controls. In this context, various controls have been discussed that help in ensuring processing integrity and the availability of systems at the required time. The concept of reliability and availability in the context of information system have also been examined in the following sections.//


A system that is reliable helps in producing information which is timely and accurate in nature. The feature of control in respect to data processing and quality of input data is the central focus of integrity (Stapelberg, 2009). Similarly, system availability refers to the smooth and easy accession of reliable system whenever there is a need. The failure experienced in the hardware and software systems, as well as the occurrence of natural and man-made calamities, lead to creating threats for the availability of a system during the time of need.


For the purpose of ensuring processing integrity, the design of a few integrity ...

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