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Controls for IT Reporting & Evaluation in a Company

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- Imagine you are a controller for a company.
- Identify the internal control reporting options.
- Create criteria against which the options can be evaluated.
- Be sure to include internal controls for IT.

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The speedy changing environment and globalization have given birth to the high use of information technologies. Due to the innovative technologies in the field of information management, implementation of the user friendly computer systems has increased, which enables the accounting and financial process faster and easier. In also ensures the accuracy of the accounting program (Coe, 2005). On the other hand, the high use of technology has also created prominent threats such as security and reliability of financial data and information with the use of IT system in the accounting process (Albrecht, 2003, pg. 471).

In the business organizations, IT controls can be defined as the specific activities that are executed by the management or the committee that is designed to ensure that the business objectives are met with the business activities (Chan & Lepeak, 2004). These IT controls are the division of the organization's internal control system. The main purpose behind implementing these IT controls systems is to ensure confidentiality and integrity in the IT system, so that the management can provide accurate and true information to all the management.

Internal Control Reporting Options for IT

IT controls are frequently used to ensue the smooth running of IT functions without any threat of hacking or stealing information. These control reporting options for IT can be ...

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