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    Accounting Information Systems, Internal Control, and Fraud

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    Please copy and paste or click on the link below and discuss how accounting fraud relates to accounting information systems. Specifically discuss internal controls. Include whether you think this type of fraud can be controlled effectively.


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    The attached article pointed out that the SEC will make better use of technology in an attempt to focus their investigative efforts towards companies who may be hiding fraud. Of course, it won't be foolproof but simply the fact they are performing such tests may help to deter large scale fraud. Secondly, the fear of harsh criminal sentences may further produce a decline in fraud.

    The AIS (accounting information system) has been designed to accumulate data and provide decisions makers with information to make good business decisions, but it also provides the basis for a system of internal controls. Internal controls are internal systems to ensure integrity of financial and ...

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    The expert discusses internal controls. How accounting fraud relates to accounting information systems are determined.