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    The Information Processing Cycle

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    Please help with the following problem.

    Explain the four basic operations of the information processing cycle: Input, Output, Processing, and Storage. List two devices that are associated with each operation.

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    There is a classic review of this four-part process that you see in textbooks and on-line, as at


    Here is the overview that I have updated some, especially the PROCESSING area. Read and understand this and then put it in your own words.

    1.Input-entering data into the computer.
    2.Processing-performing operations on the data.
    3.Output-presenting the results.
    4.Storage-saving data, programs, or output for future use.
    1. INPUT is the collection of raw data from the outside world so it can be put into an ...

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    The following solution provides an explanation of the four basic operations of the information processing cycle. Those are as follows: input, output, processing, and storage. Devie examples are given for each.