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    Project Plan: Design and write a project plan for a well-known corporation.

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    In an effort to learn more about initiating projects within an organization, I have come up with the following question.

    Select a project that you would like to see implemented within any well-known corporation (so that I may complete follow-up research).

    Please include the following information:

    1. A description of the project
    2. The problem/result statement (essentially what the project will achieve)
    3. A mission justification (how the project relates to the mission or goals of the organization)
    4. A brief description of the scope of the project
    5. A brief description of how you expect to measure the success of the project
    6. 1 or 2 best practices in project management that could be applied to the project to ensure its success

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    I chose Adobe Systems as a very well-known IT corporation in U.S. I also gave some definitions and general information about the company.

    Project Plan

    Adaptation of XML Technologies in Adobe Systems

    I. Decription:
    The Adobe XML Project will be a part of the Adobe Integrated Information Infrastructure Program. The Program will provide the workforce with information infrastructure and tools that adapt and evolve to support management, science and technology programs, and will eliminate the barriers caused by standalone systems. This document describes how the Adobe XML Project will be managed in conformance with Project Management Methods.

    2. Problem/result statement:
    Today government, industry, and universities are all embracing XML as a technology that will assist in the sharing and reuse of information. Virtually all major software vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Sun, SAP, Oracle, and Software AG have made XML important parts of their product offerings. Thus Adobe must include XML as part of its infrastructure capabilities. XML has been so widely adopted because it is an open standard and is relatively simple to learn and use. It provides a self-describing way of labeling both text and data. XML allows information content to be processed with very little human involvement and exchanged across diverse computer hardware, operating systems, and applications. These capabilities are extremely valuable to a company like Adobe that has diverse missions, works with many external partners, and by necessity must use computer hardware and software supplied by many different vendors. While XML is used in many applications not related to the Web, the value of XML will continue to grow as Web Services become an increasingly important tool for conducting business.

    3. Mission and Objectives
    This project supports the goal of the Adobe Integrated Information Infrastructure
    Program provides the information systems and technologies that enable anywhere, anytime access to information and people. Enabling consistent implementation of agency-wide services and applications is fundamental to providing the information systems and technologies that enable anywhere, anytime access to information and people.

    The specific objectives of ...

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    The solution chose Abode as the well-known company and included additional information about the company, over and above the project plan itself.