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Project Management and Change

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You have been assigned to Project Manage the opening of a new restaurant:
What kinds of changes could impact the project you are managing? How might those changes be handled? What are the potential impacts on the project plan?

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A. What kinds of changes could impact the project you are managing?

In reference to project management, change is any difference in an expected value or event. The most significant changes in project management are related to:

1. Scope definition,
2. Availability of resources,
3. Schedule and
4. Budget.

1. Changes to Scope Definition

Scope Definition is the breaking down the project's major deliverables into small, more manageable components to make verification, development and project control easier. This may be part of requirements definition and/or design. Scope is defined in terms of three dimensions?product, project and impact. Product scope is the full set of features and functions to be provided as a result of the project (i.e., breakfast, lunch and supper menus, licensed, etc.). Project scope is the work that has to be done to deliver the product (i.e., the building, stocking the product, tables, food, etc.). Impact scope is the depth and breadth of involvement by, and effect on, the performing and client organizations.

Thus, when the scope changes, the product, project and impact are affected. Scope change for a restaurant business can result from changes in client needs, discovery of defects or omissions, regulatory changes, etc. Thus, as a project manager this must be continually evaluated and monitored. Scope creep, however, is the unconscious growth of the project scope resulting from uncontrolled changes to requirements. Close evaluating and monitoring is thus essential to the success of every project.

2. Changes in Resource Availability

3. Changes in Schedules

Schedules are the ...

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This solution explains different types of changes that could impact project management and strategies to handle these changes. It also looks at the impact of these changes on the project plan.

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Assistance #1

List the skills that will enable the project manager to most effectively manage change. As companies recognize the synergistic results of integrating processes, project management is typically integrated with which six management components? How does this integration create an environment for excellence?

1. Describe the nine components of the planning phase.
2. Explain the following Deming quote, "If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing."

Provide the general specifications and requirements for a project information management system that will facilitate project control and enable change management.


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4. How can you best present your schedule to your stakeholders?

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