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Role of the Project Leader : Project Changes

Please help me with a jumping off point for an extensive paper about the role of project leaders in evaluating and addressing project changes.

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The role of the Project Leader in evaluating and addressing project changes begins before the actual changes emerge. When the scope is being developed, the Project Leader should check and ensure that incomplete requirements are not present in the scope. If there is ineffective management of requirements changes will emerge. The Project Leader ensures that requirements are reviewed for inconsistencies. The Project Leader also identifies missing stakeholders and involves them in the preparation of the scope statement. He will also verify if the target audience understands the requirements. Project Leader checks if all the requirements are reflected in the scope statement, and if the requirements address the complete process work flow. If there is a breakdown of communications between the analysts and stakeholders the requirements in the scope will be inadequate and changes will be required. Good Project Leader addresses these issues in advance so that the possibility of changes in the project is ...

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of how leaders address project changes. The response also contains the sources used.