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    Managing Change Projects

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    Once a change management project is underway, it is important to monitor the progress of the project, make changes as necessary and prepare the organization for the outcome of the change. Discuss the role of the leader in the change process, the different responsibilities that leaders and HR managers have in a change project and tactics the organization can use to ensure the success of a change process.

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    Leaders play a very major role in the change process in an organization. Leaders set the direction for the new change in the organization and lead the employees towards such change by overcoming their resistance and fear. Leaders use their experience, charisma and knowledge to resolve the apprehensions, concerns and fear about the change among the employees and motivate the employees to embrace the change with full enthusiasm and confidence. Effective leaders set the tone for the change by leading from the front and setting examples in front of the employees. Further, they engage in effective communication with the employees to instill ...

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    Discusses the role of the leader in the change process.