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    Managing IT

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    What are the concepts, principles and critical thinking skills to apply in IT Management?

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    The concepts, principles, and critical thinking skills to apply in IT Management

    In today's business world the highest level objective is to achieve maximum benefits from IT investments and in order to achieve this maximum efficiency organizations or enterprises are required to have a centralized authority in place to make key decisions. An enterprise that relies heavily on technology must establish organization values, vision, goals, objectives, as well as guiding principles that are in alignment with the way technology will be put to use. Therefore key principles and key activities to help manage IT such as establishing the information technology management structure, planning the management system for IT, and not forgetting to assess the management structure on a continuous basis for improvisations. IT as well as the business executives usually have or should have one common goal and that is generally customer satisfaction. If IT works in a silo form from the business world the common goal of customer satisfaction will not be common anymore and customer satisfaction may carry different meanings in IT ...

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    This solution of over 600 words discusses the skills that are required for managing IT and IT related projects in the business world. It also explains the importance of IT and lists five main roles it plays in today's business world. All references used are included.