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    Challenges of Managing a Virtual Team

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    A. The challenges of managing a virtual (remote) team
    b. The challenges of managing projects involving teams with members from multiple ethnic and sociopolitical backgrounds

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    a. The challenges of managing a virtual (remote) team

    "The Virtual Team" is a concept that has become extremely popular in various forms. A key concept behind Virtual teams is how multiple entities can come together, without the end consumer even realizing it at times, to provide the consumer with the final product, creating a win-win situation at all times. Such a move would obviously require immense sharing of responsibilities, information; traditional boundaries as we know between organisations will become immaterial.
    To be successful, managers must be prepared to overcome a unique set of obstacles with respect to virtual teams:

    1. Special challenges
    Special challenges arise from differences in cultures, mores, tradition, values, philosophies and languages of the team members as they are from different parts of globe.

    2. Global competition
    Competition in the global marketplace is becoming dependent on using consistent organizational processes throughout the global community.

    4. Time Zones

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