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Change Management and Changing the Scope of a Project

Change continually happens during a project as you learn more information and make adjustments. Some changes have small impacts and can be easily worked around without much effort. However, what happens when the proposed change affects the project's scope? Discuss change requests and what kinds of questions you would have for the customer if he/she requested a change to the project scope. What are the possible implications of this change request? What is one of the basic tools for managing changes?

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To avoid project scope creep it is important to let customers know the impact of the change, while staying flexible to the customer's request. Possible implications of a change requests involving the project's scope include delays in completion, going over budget, unhappiness between the customer and project team, and alterations to the business requirements.

It is critical to have a project change management plan for each project that describes what happens when deviations occur. This helps all involved understand the process for change as well as how the project will adapt. This plan must ...

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This detailed solution discusses adapting to proposed changes that affect project scope, change requests, and implications of change requests. It also discusses tools for managing changes. APA reference is included.