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What is scope creep in project management?

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How would you differentiate between scope creep and reacting to changing customer demand or changing marketplace?

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"Scope creep" is a term that may have come into being in the management of IT projects, but the problem is old as the hills. It means the introduction of new requirements for the completion of a project that were not included in the original scope of work. This can happen in several ways, but the primary issue could be that the ...

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The 238 word solution explains the difference between scope creep and a planned change in the scope of work including reasons it could happen and solutions.

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Management of Scope & Budget Creep

Resources: Project Memo and Baderman Island Virtual Organization

Consider the following: A triple constraint in projects is time, cost, and quality. Managing these may be challenging for a project manager. In the Baderman Island project, the management of the resort has now considered the average age of the guests on the island and determined that bicycles may not work for all the guests. The crowd that frequents the island is young and would welcome the experience that the Segway provides. Management is now asking you to consider mopeds or Segway's instead of bicycles.

Develop a plan in no more than 1,050 words managing scope and budget creep for the new requirements in the Baderman Island project. Specifically address the following:

o Establish a review board.
o Identify the tools or process you would use to manage changes.
o Develop the thresholds for the project to enter these processes.
o Explain any affect the changes in this project have on the project budget.

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