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Project scope, project leadership and communications

I only have to do the project plan overview and one of the other categories; Project Scope or Project Leadership and Communications or Project Schedule and one of the barriers and so forth;

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The project plan overview begins with a full description of the project's goals. Further, there should be a description of the timeline with task completion dates. The overview should also describe the current status of the project. Next, the project overview has a summary of scheduled work. The project plan overview normally has the pictures and contact details of all team members. The project overview has three main parts, the project initiation, project implementation, and project termination. During the initiation stage client problem statement is given. The project proposal is clearly described. The technical approach, budget, and scope issues are given in the proposal. During the implementation stage, data collection, analysis of data for comparing with the scope of the project, and adjustment of project plan in accordance with ...

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This solution explains project management overview and selected topics. The sources used are also included in the solution.