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Clearly defining a scope

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Why is it important for a project to have a clearly defined scope statement all parties agree with? What can happen if the project scope is not clearly defined and not agreed to by all parties? Discuss examples in which project scope was not clearly defined, and explain what could have been done differently.

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If a person has never conducted duties and responsibilities of a project manager or project charter it can be very stressful and sometimes challenging. The project manager must fully understand the concept of the project and what senior leadership wants to attain through this project. The project manager/charter has to take these ideas and put them in action. In many cases the members of the team come from different departments of the organization, but can come from external organizations as well. One way that project managers delivers those ideas and concept of organizational leadership is through the project scope. Below we'll define and discuss a project scope and the importance to why all parties involved must understand and agree on it.

Regardless of the industry or organization a person is a member of, the project scope statement follows the same guidelines as it relates to definition. In my definition the project scope ...

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Why it is important for a project to have a clearly defined scope statement for all parties.

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According to the textbook "Research clearly shows that a poorly defined scope is the most frequently mentioned barrier to project success." How do you interpret this statement? What techniques does your own organization use (or what should you use) to define and control project scope?

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