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Project Management: Scope/Resources

Who approves and rejects changes to the scope of the project?

Who approves and rejects resources?

Should the project manager have full authority to change control?

What type of system should be in place to manage change request?

Explain why this technique was chosen.

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Executive management approves significant changes to project plans. Executive management may be a change control board, steering committee, or project manager's supervisor depending upon the project. The executive management approves the original plan and reviews the impact of all major changes to approving those changes. It is the responsibility of the project manager to note the need for any changes and request approval to make changes to project plans. The project manager should evaluate the situation in advance of discussing options with executive management to formulate the best options, based upon his/her educated opinion. This will help enable the executive management to accurately weigh proposals to changes regarding the scope of the project.

Executive management allocates the organization's resources to projects based on the priority of the organization and the impact of the work. Resources include time, staff, money, and other items. The determination of need for resources, adjustment of resources, and allocation of resources is based upon the organization's mission and commitments to delivery of products and services to clients. Project managers request resources from executive management after thorough review of plans and other documents. Resources are used within ...

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This detailed solution discusses the role of the project manager in regards to the scope of the project, approving resources, amount of authority, and the change request system. It includes APA references.