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    Microsoft project: Relocating and implementing new call center

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    Please see the following assignment description and requirements

    Please note one telephony system and software system need to purchase and install for this project. Include these in your tasks.

    Only item 5 to 10 need to be answered. you may use "MS Word". But please remember all works must be logical and related to "relocation and implementing call center".

    Project Management assignment

    The Case
    Call Center Implementation for a logistics company:

    You have been appointed as project manager to implement a large call center for ABC Corp, which is a global logistics organization. This will be a national center which will replace 40 regional and departmental centers. It will have 400 staff in total, most of whom will be relocated from existing call centers. New senior supervisory and specialist staff will be recruited to fill unique positions at the center.

    The call center will be the hub of an order-taking and track-trace center and is expected to improve overall profits by $20M per year. Even though there are many unknowns in this project, management can see that it will be valuable. The project has therefore been approved in principal.

    Here are the estimated costs for the main components of the project:

    Item Estimated cost ($millions unless otherwise shown)
    Data center and fit-out of building $5
    Telephony infrastructure and systems $2
    Call queuing systems $2
    Customer Relationship Management System $3.5
    Training costs 2 days per person at $1000 per day
    Security systems $1
    Consultancy costs (averaged) $1000 per day
    Project team costs (averaged) $300 per day
    Your salary (remember, you are the best!) $2000 per day

    - None of the systems have been selected yet, so a process must be put into place to achieve this.
    - The building hasn't been selected or acquired yet.
    - The project team has not been formed either, so must be designed and resourced.
    - The project has been approved in principal only, so realistic time lines and expense budgets are required y management as an early project milestone.

    1. Write the project charter for your project
    2. Using MS Project, produce the Tasks and WBS for your project (main task plus sub task - at least 50)
    3. Add resources to your MS Project file
    4. Assign costs to your project - Gantt and Spreadsheet
    5. Quality plan for your project
    6. For your project, design your team, policies and team structure
    7. Provide risk plan
    8. Provide a communications plan
    9. Provide a procurement plan
    10. Provide a closing plan

    Follow the 10 steps outlined above. You will also need to research typical components for such a project so as to better define milestones, tasks, outcomes, costs and resources. Project managers always have to gain some knowledge of components of their projects.

    Your project will have at least 50 tasks, perhaps many more. You will use MS Project as the basic tool to manage this.

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    5. Quality Plan
    In an effort to ensure the quality of the proposed plan, ABC Corp would use 5Cs to provide an indication of quality plans:
    - The plan would be an accurate presentation of the existing site and proposed site
    - The plan would be an accurate presentation of the proposed project features and details to be constructed
    - The plan would be supported by a thorough and detailed development process
    - The plan would involve developmental stage owners throughout all stages of development
    - The plan will comply by standard guidelines set by ABC Corp. The plan would incorporate standards for relocation as per ABC Corp.
    - The plans would not contain any errors or omissions.
    - The plans would not cause any design errors or omissions which will cause the delay, postponement, or cancellation of the project.
    - The plans would not contain design errors or omissions that require more than two change orders throughout the relocation phase.
    Quality Plan Objectives
    - Ensure cost certainty and quality of service
    - Exceed project goals to achieve customer satisfaction
    - Support IT infrastructure up-time
    - Check scheduled assessment of risks
    - Maintain a quality log
    The quality log would include the meetings management groups and employee groups and reports of any workshops completed. Where the quality check reveals that the project is off any specification suggest amendment to the scope of the project. ...

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