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    Call center and Multichannel Contact Center

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    What is the differences between a call center and a multichannel contact center and the relevant steps in the transformation?

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    Traditionally, contact centers were answering only phone calls have been called call centers. The newer name - contact center - reflects the fact that more than just phone calls are being handled. Many call centers have evolved over the years to do much more than just answer phones.

    Some companies separate the handling of customer contacts by medium. For instance, a company may establish a department for:
    - Inbound calls,
    - One for outbound calls, and
    - A group for email.

    Some companies, especially smaller ones, opt to create "universal agents" who handle all contact types. Companies create universal contact agents for reasons of efficiency and service, and often because they ...

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    The differences between a call center and a multichannel contact center is explained. The relevant steps in the transformation are explored.