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Call Center Training Scenario

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A manager in your organization has approached you to design some practice cases for training call center personnel on new products. The company is relying on the revenue these new products will generate, so it is important that the call center representatives demonstrate an understanding of the features and benefits of the new products and that they can transfer their knowledge to the job immediately.
I need help with the following:
Explain how you would approach the assignment by answering the following questions:

What methods would you use in designing practice cases? Explain your reasoning.
What would you include in the practice cases?
What delivery methods would use you? Explain your reasoning.
How would technology be used in the design and/or delivery of the training?
What would you do to ensure trainees can transfer the knowledge?

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I would design practice cases by analyzing previous call center cases, and developing practice scenarios based upon the questions that are most frequently answered by customers, the answers that they received, and the level of customer satisfaction that resulted from this interaction. I would utilize this method due to the fact that this would ensure that the practice cases were as realistic ...

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This solution describes a call center training methodology.

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