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Workforce management plan

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In 350 words select an industry and create an individuated workforce management plan. Provide a short description of your selected industry and a rationale for your choice.

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A workforce management plan is examined in the solution.

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The automotive electronic service center industry for General Motors consists of 7 Electronic Service Centers (ESC) throughout the United States. The ESCs provide General Motor's dealerships within the United States with remanufactured instrument display panels and radios. Since the dealers aren't directed to contact a specific ESC, the dealer can contact any ESC for remanufactured products. The key factor to retaining customers is providing customers with excellent customer service. The ESCs have to effectively manage their Customer Service workforce.

One of the ESCs decided to improve their Customer Service department's customer satisfaction. The improvement focused on implementing a Workforce Management software system. The goal was to manage three customer phones queues, online chat ...

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