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    Write a project plan: Description, mission, scope, measurement, management

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    Select a project that you would like to see implemented for an organization with which you are familiar. Write a Project Plan that includes the following:

    1) A description of the project
    2) The problem/result statement (What is the project going to solve or achieve?)
    3) A mission justification (How does the project relate to the mission and goals of your organization?)
    4) High-level scope (A brief description of the scope of the project
    5) A brief description of how you expect to measure the success of the project
    6) Two best practices in project management that could be applied to the project to ensure its success
    7) Three key learning points that you will apply as you work on your Project Plan

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    Solution Summary

    Projects are used today as a way of achieving a variety of outcomes- in local or international locations for new constructions, new product development product improvement, process design, process improvement, utility installation, theory and technology development, and many more. Bringing a project to a successful conclusion requires the integration of numerous management functions like controlling, directing, team building, communication and others. It also requires cost and schedule management, technical and risk management, conflict and stakeholders management, life cycle management. This solution addresses steps 1-7 of the project plan for Rahul Corporation, a high-quality appliances manufacturer looking to implement an on-line sales program; it also touches on the other aspects of a comprehensive project plan. This soution is approximately 2800 words.