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    Project Plan Overview

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    A Project Plan Overview for Herff Jones Photography Company.

    "Moving from film to digial photography".

    1. A description of the project

    2. The problem/result statement

    3. A mission justification (How does this relate to the mission and goals of Herff Jones?

    4. High level scope (A brief description of the scope of the project

    5. A brief description of how you expect to measure the success of the project

    Please include longer answers, so I understand them more. Thank you.

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    Please see response attached (also below), including one supporting article. I hope this helps and take care.


    A Project Plan Overview for Herff Jones Photography Company: Moving from film to digital photography.

    1. A description of the project

    The Herff Jones Photography Company decided to move from film to digital photography, which meant consolidating its business into one facility that allows it to better utilize its resources.. The company will be working very hard to maintain its customers confidence in Herff Jones' ability to serve them better than any other imaging company. The facility will provide all professional photography customers with the same superior customer service, dependable delivery, and highest quality products. The shift of the photography market to digital output has minimized the labor and space requirements of its business. The end result will be the most up-to-date output services for its customers. With this move, Herff Jones has also renewed its commitment to continue providing film-based processing and printing services. The plant plans to print pictures of both in-house and independent photographers ...

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    Based on the project plan (e.g. description, problem, mission, scope, success measure), this solution overviews the Project Plan for Herff Jones Photography Company. Supplemented with a relevant article on digital phorography project.