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Planning and Scheduling for Custom Woodworking Company

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a. Identify and describe a set of project schedule milestones from project concept to project completion.

b. Illustrate milestone on a simple bar chart scaled to the information provided in the case study.

c. Would a good baseline plan have helped to show that the project would not meet its schedule? If so how?

d. How should float on the critical path have been managed ? Would this have helped to complete on time?

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A. The Following represents a high level overview of the possible milestones in the Woody's project:

I. Project conception
II. Detailed Project Planning
III. Vendor/Subcontractor selection
IV. Design phase
V. Construction commencement
VI. Equipment installation
VII. Testing
VIII. Plant Start-up
IX. Project Completion and Closeout

B. Please See ...

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Solution contains analysis of Woody's 2000 project critical path and project schedule.
Solution contains high level overview of Woody's 2000 project milestones.
Solution contains attachment for illustrated milestone bar chart.

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a. Draw a project organization chart. What were the real relationships?
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