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    Project Plan

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    Select a project that you would like to see implemented in the organization for which you work or an organization with which you are familiar. Write a 1,400-1,750-word Project Plan Overview that includes the following:

    1. A description of the project
    2. The problem/result statement (What is the project going to solve or achieve?)
    3. A mission justification (How does the project relate to the mission and goals of your organization?)
    4. High-level scope (A brief description of the scope of the project)
    5. A brief description of how you expect to measure the success of the project
    6. Two best practices in project management that could be applied to the project to ensure its success (You will need to conduct research on the Internet)
    7. Three key learning points that you will apply as you work on your Project Plan

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    STEP 1
    Description of the project:
    The design, development and deployment of intranet for retailing giant; The Company is having 234 stores spread all over the US and it has given you to design, develop and deploy intranet connecting all its stores. You need to complete the project within the given budget, train the employees to use the new system and finish the project within three months time.

    STEP 2
    Problem/result statement:
    There is little connectivity among the stores as a result of which there are some stores where there are excess stocks of merchandise and there are some stores where there are stock outs. As this is a general merchandise chain stock outs lead to losses.

    STEP 3
    Mission justification:
    1. The stock outs lead to an estimated loss of $23 million to the chain.
    2. The chain needs to carry 1 ½ months inventory at a cost of $20million. It is expected that the intranet will help the chain to reduce its stocks to 3 weeks.
    3. The stock outs lead to customers to go to stores belonging to competitors and so lose the loyalty of ...

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