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Network Disaster recovery plan

How would you approach a backup and administration plan for the hypothetical situation described below. Include any network administration systems that should be installed for remote access in the event of a network emergency. This is basically a disaster recovery plan.

Hypothetical situation: ABC Corporation performs sensitive research and development for a number of major corporation clients. Their development projects can last several months, with final documents and drawings produced at various steps during each project and the final project reports produced at the end of the entire project from information stored on a database server. All project information, documents, and drawings, all of which are stored on the network, must be available at all times for reference and information retrieval purposes for the run of the project.

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As ABC corporation's employees need steady access to data/information about the project on a continuous basis to run the project, ABC corporation cannot afford to have long downtime for a long period of time, as it will bring the project down and stop all the work. Continuous access to data, inspite of network breakdown, is an important requirement for the company.

There are numerous disaster recovery options that can be evaluated. Technology options include backing up to local tape or disk, to a remote location (including a hot or cold standby site) or to an MSP. Other technology options and techniques include local or remote mirroring and replication combined with point-in-time snapshot copies (full or partial) depending on your RTO, RPO and budget requirements. Other options include use of magnetic tape, hard disk drives, removable ...

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