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    VA MIS Disaster Recovery Plan

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    Measurable Gains

    Best Practices

    Duration Of plan

    Our Recommendations

    Future Design

    Relevant Decision Point

    Training Requirement

    Test Plan

    Measurable Outcome

    Routine operations

    Administrative Procedures

    Security /Identity Management

    System Monitoring, Reporting & Tools

    Capacity Planning

    Business Objectives/Critical Factors

    Key Oracle Modules/ Interface processes to be affected

    Potential Risk and Mitigation

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    VA MIS Disaster Recovery Plan

    Measurable Gains
    Measurable gains are seen throughout the network infrastructure.
    • Higher systems and operational efficiency
    • Cost reduction by higher system up time
    • Reduced production data loss
    • Time savings as no previous exercise and no networking changes are required
    Best Practices
    Business jurisdiction. Documenting objectives and gaining business buy in to ensure that there is support and financial backing. Performing business impact analysis to quantify the risk of an outage, current response plans, recovery time objectives and recovery time objectives, and other information such as security and retention.
    Recovery approach. Recovery needs are matched with business impact of an outage. Tiered approach is developed for managing recovery. When developing tiered recovery strategy it is important to consider which are business supporting applications and which are business critical applications.
    Recovery objectives. Based on the results of business impact analysis recovery-time objectives and recovery-point objectives are set. A company has to make an investment to recover from an outage. Hence the investment required should correlate with the outage impact that application or business process has.
    Data management. A strategic approach for data management should be developed and should include disaster recovery, operational recovery, and archive.
    Managing the recovery program. There are two aspects of recovery- disaster recovery and business recovery. Both need to work for a business to continue operating when a disaster strikes. Managing recovery program must focus on setting objectives for both these recovery aspects and measured against key performance objectives.
    Duration Of plan
    Disaster ...

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