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    Disaster and Recovery Plan for Business Continuity

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    I need help with this project. I need to find an article about disaster planning and recovery and write a three-page review of the article that includes the following information:
    - Briefly introduce and summarize the article
    - Identify the author's main points
    - Who is the author's intended audience?
    - What types of disaster planning issues were addressed in the article?
    - What aspects of recovery were discussed in the article?
    - How could the author expand on the main points?
    The article must be 3 pages long and no more than three years old. Use APA writing format.


    Gustin, J. F. (2010). Disaster & recovery planning: A guide for facility managers (5th ed.). Lilburn, GA: The Fairmont Press, Inc.

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    Article Title: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning: The Basics.
    By Derek Slater, December 13, 2012.

    Introduction and Summary
    In this article by Derek Slater from CSO online, the author does a good job of going into detail on the subject of business continuity and disaster recovery planning. In this article, the focus is run disaster recovery and businesses continuity planning. Specifically, it is focusing on the processes that will help an organization prepare for any disruptive event ranging from something small like a power outage to a major catastrophe such as a hurricane or natural disasters.

    The author's point of view is from the perspective of the business community's involvement and how important it is that everyone is working together in putting together a thoughtful and practiced disaster and recovery plans. Throughout this article, the author takes compilations of various works from others both online and real-life case studies to help explain the basic concepts of business continuity planning for emergencies and disasters (Slater, 2012).

    Main Points:
    The author's main points in this article are to focus on how employees communicate and react and respond during emergencies to enable the company to continue moving forward. Specifically the author is focusing on making the critical point that no element can be ignored be it employee's reactions, or functional groups reactions such as the IT group, human resources, management, and so forth. He looks at the entire organization and how they react to the authors, making the point that everyone has to be trained and ready for disaster preparedness.

    Throughout this brief article on disaster preparedness and recovery plans, the author continues to point out the importance of having a plan that is realistic and applicable to everyone. The author also makes the point that a plan is critical to success and uses the case of Hurricane Katrina and natural disasters and looks at how companies reacted to prove this ...

    Solution Summary

    This solution focuses on business continuity after disasters. The research is based upon the comparison between different business articles and text books that describe the process of implementing emergency plans and recovery plans. This research is formatted to show the student how to critically analyze a business article on the subject of disaster and emergency preparedness. The solution is over 1,300 words in APA format with references cited.