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Identifying a Project Sponsor and Customer

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I need help on part 3 of this.

Identify the Project Sponsor (we are allowed to use anyone, even make up a name) & Customer. Write 600-750 words about your section out of this project plan.

Discuss and come to a consensus on the scope of the project, including the major deliverables and the items that are not part of the scope. Using your knowledge of a packaged system upgrade, describe the interim deliverables that will be created as part of the development process. Discuss how the scope will be approved and how changes to the scope will be documented, reviewed, and approved.

For the PROJECT PLAN we need to have the following:

1. Introduction to the Project
2. Develop the Project Charter
3. Identify the Project Sponsor (we are allowed to use anyone, even make up a name) & Customer
4. Describe the Components of the Project Plan
a. How the project plan will be used throughout the project
b. The benefits of the project plan to the project sponsor
5. Project Plan-documents all activities within the project
a. Problem statement
b. Project background
c. Project justification

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3. Identify the project sponsor:

As the project is related to development and implementation of a packaged system or software, the project sponsor is the organization in which the system or software being developed is implemented. The project sponsor, hence, is the manufacturing firm XYZ corporaton engaged in the manufacturing of automotive components for major car manufacturers. The firm operates five manufacturing plants throughout the USA as well as one plant each in China and India as well. ...