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Who are your stakeholders for this project? What characteristics do you look for when identifying a project stakeholder? Assume that each business unit and department has a director at the head and the three managers who report to each director. Identify the project sponsor and list your rationale for your decisions.

Scenerio: This is a company designs and develops outdoor shopping malls and small office complexes.There are employess at headquarters and 2 sites out of the country. It will be led by the Information Technology (IT) department and you, a member of the IT department, have been assigned by your CIO to lead the entire project.Implementing this project, Standard Customer Relationship Management Processes (SCRMP), involves business process re-engineering and large scale system implementation. Staff resources have been allocated for this project from IT and from the following major business units:

1.Sales (Chicago HQ, Ottawa CN): Establishes and maintains the relationship with the lease customer. Needs to be aware of the status of lease arrangements and customer problems.
2.Product Fulfillment (Denver, Ottawa CN): Processes, evaluates, and approves development and leasing contracts. Makes changes to customer information if notified.
3.Customer Service (Denver): Resolves problems for customers and acts as the 24/7 call center for lease or customer related issues. Makes changes to customer information.
4.Billing (Chicago HQ): Deals with rental payments, invoice issues, and follow-ups. Makes changes to customer information. Provides financial information to sales and executive management.
5.Marketing (Chicago HQ): Reviews sales and future development data and determines marketing opportunities.
I know that this is quite a bit of information, but what I need to know is HOW do I know who is a stakeholder? HOW do i look for the answers to the above questions?

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A stakeholder is someone who is affected by the project. In this scenario, stakeholders include organizational management/owners, organization employees (such as the one in each of the above mentioned department including directors and managers) and organizational customers because they will be ...

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Who are your stakeholders for this project? What characteristics do you look for when identifying a project stakeholder?

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