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Project Risks WBS and Budget Updates

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Project Risks WBS and Budget Updates. Please see attachment.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1022 words with references.
In the following paper, we will discuss the additional tasks associated with planning, monitoring, and controlling risks, so that the quality improvement program can be implemented effectively to improve the services of the organization. There will also be a description of the work based structure of the additional tasks to control the risk and contingency budget for the completion of project within the reasonable time.

The organization will need to improve online web portal framework, so that the quality of services and profitability of the business can be improved over the several locations. The additional tasks that will be addressed for proper implementation of the improvement program to improve the quality and services of the organization include following tasks:

1. Considering the needed steps and proper specification.

2. Setting standards to be followed for the implementation of quality improvement program.

3. Review of actual work with the standards and finding deviation if any.

4. Proper reporting of deviations adherence to predetermined standards.

The mentioned additional tasks will require further sub tasks that should be required to meet for fair implementation of quality improvement program. All the required additional tasks can be presented in the work breakdown structure for better understanding of the overall scenario of the project to be managed properly in terms risks (Haugan, 2002).

The project may have high risk that will cause to have contingency budget, so that the timely and efficiently completion of all the work can be finished. The project of quality improvement program in online web portal framework will not entail high risk, but there may be some risks that can lead the trouble. The contingency budget will need extra ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1022 words with references.

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