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Migrating from Peoplesoft to Oracle Financial

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Please put together the following information moving Peoplesoft to Oracle Financial Modules and merger both application with Williams ACMP. Develop a consolidated ACMP-Williams Finance integration Roadmap and implementation.

1) High Level Requirement
2) Initial Solution
3) Conflict Area
4) Resolve Conflict
5) Any suggestion on any of the New Financial modules.

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In this situation, the high-level requirement is to deploy oracle financial module for the newly created merged entity after the merger of ACMP and Williams Finance. The merged entity will migrate from Peoplesoft to Oracle Financial modules. Hence, the key objective is to ensure that the transition or migration process is smooth and addresses all the conflict areas and pain points.

In order to finalize the appropriate mix of solution, the merged entity needs to create extensive analysis of the business needs or requirements of the merged entity. In this scenario, it is extremely important because the merged entity has bought two different firms with different requirements and needs together in a single entity. It is extremely important to evaluate the architectural implications of moving from PeopleSoft to oracle as well.

Further, the firm assesses the new capabilities and enhancements to current features provided by the new ...

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This solution discusses the key points for migrating from Peoplesoft to Oracle Financial.

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