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Computer upgrade risks

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Lets say that you are the project manager for an upgrade of computers in your company. lets say that you need to upgrade 30 systems, including 10 desktops (for office personnel) and 20 laptops (for remote workers). Each system must access the company network, as well as a common installation of software, security components, and so forth. Can you submit your risk identification in a summary that will be used during a presentation for the CIO.

In this summary can you:
Identify four (4) risks.
Describe the different types and how they are unique to this IT project.
What techniques did you use to identify these?
Explain how these risks are similar and may overlap.

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Identify four (4) risks.
Four risks: Compatibility with current programs and with each other both within and outside of the network.
Migration is working poorly and deployment is shaky.
Costs are higher than expected.
Implementation is not planned carefully and released in a controlled manner with appropriate controls in place with measurable outcomes.

Describe the different types and how they are unique to this IT project.
In any change, the compatibility with current processes and methods is important, especially where those will not be changing. The need to make sure that all hardware and software is compatible on all systems both internal and external is very important. Since there will be inner upgrades within the offices and upgrades for remote locations, these take on special importance across the company and across the IT system. Compatibility issues are overcome when programs are ...

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The risks involved in an IT project of upgrading computers in a company.

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