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    Office automation and group collaboration software

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    Describe what office automation and group collaboration software is used in your
    organization. Include an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each software used. I work at circuit city, in retail sales. I don't know what office automation is and the only time we use the computers is to ring out sales and to look up information on products.

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    Office automation 2
    Types of Office Automation Software 2
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    Office automation
    Office automation is the use of computer systems to execute a variety of office operations, such as word processing, accounting, and e-mail. Office automation almost always implies a network of computers with a variety of available programs.

    Types of Office Automation Software
    A typical 'suite' of office automation software could include some or all of the following kinds of programs:
    • word processor
    • spreadsheet
    • database
    • desktop publisher
    • project manager
    • presentation
    • computer file manager
    • email
    • internet browser
    • internet publisher
    • personal organiser
    • financial system
    • personnel system
    Many books, magazines and web sites can help you choose office automation software suitable for your purposes. In many cases, office automation software will be provided with the appropriate hardware, either as part of the purchase agreement or as part of a government standard.

    More common office automation applications are:
    • Word Processing
    • Spreadsheets
    • Databases
    Using Office Automation Software
    It is desirable that all users of office automation software be trained in their use. In most countries external training providers will be available. Some electoral authorities may be able to provide in-house training using its own skilled staff. Most software packages also come with user manuals (paper and/or on-screen) ...

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    Typical Office Automation and Group Collaboration software are described. An analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each software is presented.