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    Strategic Role of Procurement

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    Using a local newspaper, news magazines, the Internet, or other additional article sources, locate a current news article that addresses the strategic role of procurement in an organizational setting. Explain the similarities and/or differences between the purchasing role listed in the article and your organization's current purchasing role, or one with which you are familiar. Identify any improvements that might enhance your selected organization's procurement function.

    Be sure to properly cite your references.

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    // Before discussing the 'Purchasing Role' and the 'Strategic Role of Procurement' in an Organization; we will first, discuss the importance of procurement as the introductory part of the paper. It will provide a better understanding of the role of procurement for an Organization. \

    In any organization, Procurement forms the central point of contact for different departments and also acts as a central storage area for acquirement of goods and services. On the perspective of corporate oversight, procurement departments run successfully. These help to estimate the cost linked to the ownership of products by giving a long-lasting product whilst reducing operational support costs. Procurement functions assemble and examine historical data to recognize the opportunities based on cost avoidance, goods and services standardization. They also think about the issues related to the prolonged existence of items and redeployment of assets in future.

    // After discussing the basic outline related to procurement; now, we will discuss about the two Companies used for the paper i.e. Aberdeen Group and the Toyota. It explains the various procurements techniques used by the Companies and draws a compare and contrast among them. \

    Procurement focuses at improving the company's results. Each and every company uses diverse languages and approaches. This was seen in the Aberdeen Group. The comparison is drawn between the Aberdeen Group and the ...

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