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    Types of Skill Sets Your Project Team Members Need

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    List the types of skill sets your project team members will need to possess to do the work you outlined.

    Create a project organization chart as follows:

    In an organization, individuals possessing these skill sets would likely be assigned to specific functional areas such as logistics, engineering, quality, procurement, sales, etc. If this is the case for your project, you can use this information to create a project organization chart. Otherwise, your project organization chart will simply depict the reporting relationships within your project.

    Complete this section by creating a detailed organizational chart. You can use the organization chart template in PowerPoint or visit http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/business-organizational-chart-TC006088976.aspx to download a template for an organizational chart.

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    The business objective to using an organizational chart is outlining the imperative job roles for facilitating the daily business continuity objective. In doing so, the business organization is more adapted to the every changing industry environment for meeting the set goals of operations. Further, the business organization can possess the necessary skills sets and knowledge to meeting the targeted initiatives set forth.

    Depending on your project teams' industry focus, the organizational chart will displays the particulars in assigning different job tasks roles, such as; producing technical products as in cell phones or computers.

    - Logistics
    Try and think of the logistics skill sets as the ability to effectively coordinate the systematical framework of operation for managing people, facilities and even resources, such as supplies for departments. The Senior Vice President of Logistics provides the oversight to when and how the business operations should move in a particular direction. Keep in mind; the larger the business organization is within the targeted industry then more imperative role a SVP Logistics to the company meeting their ...

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