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    Meeting Goals, Charts and Team Grouping

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    Part 1:

    Use the attached organizational chart to create the following types of teams:

    -Intact work teams (by total function and for each unit within the function)
    -Cross Functional Teams that represent specific levels in the organization
    -Cross Functional Teams that contain all levels in the organization
    It may be easiest to create the teams by making two copies of each slide so you have three versions of each slide: one for each type of team. You may use colors, lines, shapes, or other methods to identify which positions will be included on each team.

    For each of the key events listed on the Meeting Overview document, recommend which teams you would use to attain the goals of the overall meeting. (These key events are in green on the overview.) If there is another team composition you would use instead of the ones listed previously, please describe it.

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    In designing work teams, the initial process entails outlining the core planned deliverable tasks that define the overall project scope core objectives. Thus, the relevancy in aligning key employee's skills sets to the right team project plays a major role to determining the overall project initiatives. Business organizational charts provide the framework to outlining how internal resources are disbursed accordingly.

    Let's take a look at the assigning of work teams within an organization to completing the project scope objectives:

    -Intact work teams (by total function and for each unit within the function)

    In the analysis, the intact work teams starting on day one need to begin the core outlining of a scientific questionnaire that aims to reveals quantitative /qualitative results are in Director Discovery. Thus, the project managers in the following areas are sufficed to gathering the teams needed to sufficiently execute the questionnaire within a framework of desired outcome:

    -Project Manager Inflammation
    -Project Manager Infectious Disease
    -Project Manager (Research 1 Team Scientists)
    -Project Manager (Research 2 Team Scientists)

    Try and think of assigning the tasks for intact work teams as a way to centralize the overall ...

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