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Creating the Virtual Team

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Create a virtual team (as the manager) consisting of experts from across the country who will share best practices. The goal of the team is to enhance organizational knowledge. With a number of senior organizational members retiring in the next few years, capturing their knowledge and wisdom will be crucial.

1.Analyzed methods to use to invite possible remote members of this new team.

2. Examined some of the processes used to form the team, without having to incur significant travel costs.

3. Defined and examined a virtual team mission all members will authentically own.

4. Analyzed the motivations needed to ensure maximum participation.

5. Analyzed how you will run the virtual meetings.

6. Examined some strategic measures to illustrate the effectiveness of the virtual team.

7. Analyzed ways to obtain management support for this venture.

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The expert creates the virtual teams. The methods used to invite possible remote members of this new team is determined.

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Robbins and Coulter (2005) defines virtual team as a type of work team that uses technology to link physically dispersed members in order to achieve a common goal. It is basically just like any other team where members work together toward the accomplishment of a common goal. The only difference is that the members do not have a face-to-face interaction with each other.

Methods used to invite possible remote members
Just like any other teams, virtual teams must be formed in such a way to ensure adherence to quality standards by the organization. Specifically, they must have been formed to perform a specified activity or project.
To invite possible members of a virtual team, the following methods are suggested:
1. Build a stable overall organization or company structure (allow this to be viewed online through the company's web site) that potential team members would view as secure (Certo, 2000). Potential members consider the stability in deciding whether it would be feasible to be a member to such an organization.
2. Develop clear objectives of the virtual team. This would give an idea to the would-be member in determining his appropriateness to the team. This move could provide a direction to the members of the team. This would include target outputs for the team as well as the duration (if any) by which the team is expected to produce the expected outputs.
3. On the basis of the clear objectives, project plans should be well formulated. Disseminating the plans and corresponding strategies would also provide information on the tasks that may be accomplished.
4. Clarify the roles that will be played by each member of the team.
5. Provide details on how team performance would be measured or evaluated and what corresponding rewards or benefits would be provided.
6. People can ...

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