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Team Issues: Rigidity and Level of Boundaries

1. Examine how rigid the boundaries of your team are.

2. Analyze and justify whether the level of rigidity is appropriate for the team's mission.

3. Examine the connections existing between teams and between your team and other teams having dependencies with your team.

4. Analyze and justify how you can strategically create more permeable boundaries while maximizing your social capital and created an action plan with at least three time bound actions.

5. Examine how you can become a boundary spanner.

6. Analyze and justify how technology can help create permeable boundaries along with accountability structures for learning.

7. Analyze how you can maximize cultural intelligence through virtual teams.

8. Create an overall plan with the idea of how you can lead strategically to maximize team performance, build solid relationships, and enhance learning within your team.

Use correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using the correct APA style.

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Rigidity of the Team Boundaries:

The development of team structures in the organization are aimed at improving the performance levels of the corporation. All effective teams in a corporation have to be maintained through the motivation of a well build team boundary. The boundaries that are placed by the team are aimed at ensuring that the set rules and governing principles enable the team to attain there set missions. This will be founded on proper decision making procedures in the team. The act of defining team set rules that will direct the operations of the team are put in place by the rigidity of the boundary. It has also been ascertained that bureaucratic control can be used in place of rigidity giving the implication that rigidity in the boundary is an operation that has guidelines directing all the functions of the team (Dixon, n.d).

Level of Rigidity as Being Appropriate to the Team's Mission:

The mission of the team is in line with the operations of the company. The rules and the set principles that have been put in place to direct the functions of the team are affected by the rigidity of the boundaries of the team. This is based on the fact that the rigidity of the team boundaries reflects the mission of the organization. The boundaries that are held by teams are focused in the inner operations of the team to make the team to be successful. This hence shows us that the levels of the boundary rigidity that is held by the ...

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The solution discusses team issues including rigidity and level of boundaries, connections, boundary spanner, and use of technology.