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The essential skills of a project manager

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Identify the skills a project manager needs to have.
Each member of a project team has some specific knowledge, abilities, and skills. A project manager, too, needs to have a specialized skill set. As a student of project management, you need to know what it takes to be a good project manager.

What do you think are the essential skills of a project manager? In your answer, focus on the skills specific to the project manager role, and not on skills common to all team members.
- Identify and describe three to four skills you consider most important to a project manager.
- Explain how each skill is useful in fulfilling a project manager's responsibilities.
- For each skill, give an example of how it helps a project manager perform. You may draw examples from your experience or construct fictitious ones.

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One very important skill for a project manager is the ability to analyze a situation efficiently and effectively. This skill is useful in fulfilling a project manager's responsibilities, due to the fact that this skill allows a project manager to be able to ascertain what activities should be prioritized and the order that project tasks should be completed, based upon internal and external variables surrounding a given project. An example of how this helps the manager to perform, is a situation in which a project manager quickly ascertains that ...

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This solution describes the essential skills of a project manager.

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